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Tough, simple and reliable – Spectra Precision equipment is designed to withstand job site conditions in order to provide reduced downtime when it’s really needed. Spectra Precision build their products to be the toughest on earth.From lasers to construction accessories, Spectra Precision has a comprehensive choice of quality equipment for you, to suit every application.There’s a reason Spectra Precision Laser is the strongest name in the industry.they invented the industry. From day one, they have pioneered every major development in laser positioning for construction. That's why you'll find their products on more job sites around the world than any other brand.

Let us help you. We have the breadth of products, the quality and the support you demand.
Product Categories
Laser Levels
Here At Omega Laser Services & Survey Equipment We Provide A Large Range Of Spectra Laser Levels. We Are An Approved Spectra Precsion Laser Level Service Centre
Horizontal & Vertical Lasers
Laser Survey Equipment Have The Latest Range Of Spectra Precision Horizontal & Vertical Lasers. We Are An Approved Service Centre For Service,Repair & Calibration
Grade Lasers
Omega Laser Services Provide A Large Range Of Spectra Precision Single & Dual Grade Lasers For Sale. We Service, Repair & Calibrate The Spectra Grade Laser Range!
Cross, Line & Point Lasers
Omega Laser Services Have A Wide Selection Of Spectra Cross, Line & Point Lasers. We Sre A Service Centre Of Spectra Point, Line & Cross Laser Levels
Universal Lasers
Omega Laser Services Know That The Spectra UL633 Universal Is The First Construction Laser Allowing Total Automatic Control Of All Three Axes (X/Y/Z)
Pipe Lasers
Buy Spectra Precision Pipe Lasers From Spectra Precisions Approved Pipe Laser Service Centre!
Laser Receivers
Omega Laser Services Have A Comprehensive Range Of Spectra Laser Receivers Detectors And Clamps For Sale!
Machine Control Receivers
Spectra Machine Control Receivers Can Be Easily Moved From One Machine To Another, Please Contact Us For Any Enquiries.
Digital Rods
Laser Survey Equipment Are A Specialist Provider of The Spectra Precision DR400 Digital Rod - The Rod-less Grade Checker,
Spectra Precision
on work sites where maximum accuracy and stability is required
Spectra Precision UL633N Universal Laser
On work sites where maximum accuracy and stability is required
spectra precision hr150u laser receiver
Spectra HR150U Universal Receiver
Interior laser receiver with highly visible dual LEDs and built-in magnetic mount
spectra precision gl412n laser, single grade laser
Spectra Precision GL412N Single Grade Laser
A Single Grade laser that also offers long-range operation
£1548.00 £1980.00
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the spectra ll300n laser the strongest self levelling, rotary laser you will ever own
Spectra Precision LL300N Laser Level
Horizontal rotating laser level for exterior use
£345.00 £510.00
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spectra precision hr220 laser receiver
Spectra Precision HR220 Laser Receiver
Designed to detect laser beams generated from crossline lasers
spectra precision gl422n laser, superior dual grade, level and vertical capabilities
Spectra Precision GL422N Dual Grade Laser
Superior Dual Grade, Level and Vertical Capabilities
£1926.00 £2376.00
spectra precision hr320 laser receiver
Spectra Precision HR320 Laser Receiver
Durable laser receiver for exterior leveling applications
spectra precision hl450 laser receiver
Spectra Precision HL450 Laser Receiver
Highly versatile laser receiver for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications
spectra precision cr600 laser receiver
Spectra Precision CR600 Laser Receiver
Spectra CR600 Laser Receiver for general construction and laser based display systems
spectra precision lr30 machine display receiver
Spectra Precision LR30 Machine Display Receiver
Stand-alone display receiver for grading and excavating equipment
spectra precision hl700 laser receiver
Spectra Precision HL700 Laser Receiver
Highly versatile laser receiver for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications
spectra precision gl710 single grade laser
Spectra Precision GL710 Single Grade Laser
Powerful, accurate long range, steep slope single axis grade laser
spectra precision gl720 grade laser
Spectra Precision GL720 Grade Laser
An economical grade laser best choice for general construction and machine control grade applications.
spectra precision hl750 laser receiver
Spectra Precision HL750 Laser Receiver
Highly versatile laser receiver for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications
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spectra precision gl722 dual grade laser
Spectra Precision GL722 Dual Grade Laser
The Spectra Precision GL722 dual grade laser is one of the most advanced grade lasers on the market
the spectra lt20 crossline laser is an automatic self levelling laser
Spectra Precision LT20 Crossline Laser
Automatic self-leveling laser with ultra bright horizontal and vertical lines
spectra precision lt56 universal layout laser
Spectra Precision LT56 Universal Layout Laser
One Tool Does It All
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spectra hr150, hr150u c61 clamp
Spectra Precision C61 Receiver Clamp
Clamp fits HR150 & HR150U Laser Receiver / Detector
spectra hr250, hr320 & hr350 clamp
Spectra Precision C59 Receiver Clamp
Clamp fits HR250, HR320 & HR350 Receiver / Detector