Spectra Precision GL720 Grade Laser
Spectra Precision GL720 Grade Laser
£ 4,606.80
An economical grade laser best choice for general construction and machine control grade applications.

Spectra Precision GL720 Grade Laser                        

£3839.00 (ex VAT) GL720 Grade laser level            

This economical choice has +/-10% in the X-axis grade range and -0.5 to +25%
Y-axis grade range with high accuracy up to 900 m (3,000 ft) diameter. Ideal for
general construction and machine control grade applications.


• General construction
• Site preparation
• Trenching
• Pipe laying
• Road construction
• Machine control
• Airport Construction
• Trenching
• Road Construction
• Concrete Construction
• General Construction
• Site Preparation
• Landfill
• Agricultural
• Land Leveling Drainag

• GL720 Dual Grade Laser
• HL700 Laser Receiver
• Adapter for Receiver
• Charger with Cable
• 6 x D-Cell NiMH Batteries  
• Carrying Case
• Operating Manual
• Full Warranty 2 Years

• The GL720 offers automatic temperature compensation, for the industry's best accuracy
   over environmental changes,   eliminating the need for re-calibration every time the
   seasons change
• Automatic self-levels to 25 Percent
• Can be used for field tiling applications where tight accuracy and dual grade feature allow
   for proper drainage for most agricultural jobs
• Grade reverse feature works great for crowning applications for roads and/or sports field
   jobs without having to realign  laser on the crown
• HL700 Receiver or CR600 Receiver with Mount and Rod Clamp
• Provide information for each axis
• Orientation information easy to understand
• Automatic self-levels to 10 Percent
• Extremely accurate dual grade laser, use with the HL700 handheld receiver for short pipe
   laying runs "over the pipe"
• High end single grade laser for especially high accuracy construction applications when
   grade is introduced in the Y-Axis
• Separate grade up/down for each axis
• Left/Right manual rake
• Electronically simulates rotating the laser on its base for easier hub matching

• Axis Grade Range X:-10 to +10%
• Axis Grade Range Y:-0.500 to +25%
• Self-Leveling: self level to 25%
• Grade Resolution: 0.001%
• Servo Deadband Accuracy: 4.6 arc seconds
• Laser ClassiFication: CDRH II (IECI)
• RanGe/Radius: Laser – 450 m (1500 ft) with Spectra
• Precision Lasers machine-mounted receivers
• Mounting Threads: 5/8” x 11”
• Mounting Threads Adapter optional: 3 1/2” X 8”
• Waterproof Aluminum Housing
• Weight: 8.5 kg (18.8 lbs)
• Height: 29.8 cm (11.75”)
• Width: 25.4 cm (10.0”)
• Depth: 19.7 cm (7.75”)

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