Omega VMTL-160 Micro Tunnel Laser
Omega VMTL-160 Micro Tunnel Laser
£ 6,600.00
Vertical Micro Tunnel Laser designed for the toughest tunneling and Pipe Jacking applications.
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Omega VMTL-160 Micro Tunnel Laser

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The Omega VMTL-160 Vertical Micro Tunnel Laser has been designed for the toughest of tunnelling and Pipe Jacking applications. We Service, Repair, Calibrate and Hire the Micro Tunnel Laser Range

• 1 Omega VMTL-160 Laser
• 1 Power Supply/Battery Charger
• 1 Remote Control
• 1 3 Piece Height Adjustable Mounting Bracket
• Transport Case

• Laser Source: Laser Diode
• Wavelength: 635nm
• Laser safety class: Class 3R
• Range: 200m
• Beam diameter @ 100m: 15mm
• Accuracy: ± 5mm at 100m
• Side alignment range: 20m at 100m
• Levelling range om beam direction: ± 10°
• Grade range: -10% to +4% • Grade increment: 0.002% per step
• Cross axis tilt range: ±3°
• Automatic tilt compensation: Compensated to full grade accuracy within cross axis tilt range
• Vertical beam travel: Optional, alignment error <60mm at 100m over 10% grade travel within cross tilt range
• Operating temperature: -20°c to +50°c
• Sealing: Waterproof, sealed purged with nitrogen
• Power source: Built-in NiCd.
• Battery life, full charge: 40h
• Charging time: 7h • Stand by function: From remote control, increases battery life per charge
• Length: 160mm
• Height: 300mm
• Weight: 4.5kg
• Remote control: Waterproof, metal housing
• Functions, remote control: - Side alignment - Display backlignt - Standby, on/off - Grade Setting, protected
• Range, remote control: 100m normal conditions, 40m in bad conditions
• Power source, remote control: Batteries 2 x 3.6v Lithium R6. Normal use gives >1 year life


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